Top 10 Premier League Players with the Highest Distance Covered
2023-09-16 13:35:54

1. Pascal Gross - Brighton (44.7 kilometers)

Pascal Gross, the midfielder for Brighton, tops the list with an impressive 44.7 kilometers covered in a single Premier League match. His relentless work rate and ability to cover ground make him an essential asset for his team.

2. Enzo Fernandez - Chelsea (45.19 kilometers)

Enzo Fernandez, known as Enzo Junior, is a promising young talent for Chelsea. He showed his determination and stamina by covering a distance of 45.19 kilometers in a single game. His versatility in both attack and defense makes him a valuable player for the team.

3. Dominic Solobosloy - Liverpool (45.74 kilometers)

Dominic Solobosloy, the energetic midfielder for Liverpool, has made a significant impact on the team with his tireless running. He covered a distance of 45.74 kilometers in one match, highlighting his commitment and work ethic on the pitch.

4. Gimarans - Newcastle United (45.82 kilometers)

Gimarans, the midfield engine for Newcastle United, has caught the attention of fans and pundits alike with his impressive work rate. In a single game, he covered an impressive distance of 45.82 kilometers, showcasing his determination and dedication.

5. Philip Billing - Bournemouth (45.97 kilometers)

Philip Billing, the Danish midfielder for Bournemouth, is known for his physical presence and endurance. He covered a remarkable distance of 45.97 kilometers in one match, proving his ability to dominate the midfield and contribute to his team's success.

6. Rodrigo - Manchester City (46.37 kilometers)

Rodrigo, the Spanish midfielder for Manchester City, has been a consistent performer for his team. He showcased his exemplary work rate by covering a distance of 46.37 kilometers in a single match, proving his importance to the team's midfield stability.

7. Abdullahi Dukure - Everton (46.43 kilometers)

Abdullahi Dukure, the Nigerian midfielder for Everton, has been a revelation with his tireless work on the pitch. He covered a distance of 46.43 kilometers in one game, highlighting his determination and fighting spirit for the team.

8. Declan Rice - Arsenal (46.75 kilometers)Declan Rice, the versatile midfielder for Arsenal, has been instrumental in the team's success. He covered an impressive distance of 46.75 kilometers in a single match, showcasing his ability to contribute both defensively and offensively.9. Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United (46.84 kilometers)Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese playmaker for Manchester United, has quickly become a fan favorite with his performances. He covered a distance of 46.84 kilometers in one game, showcasing his work rate and ability to influence matches.10. Deyan Kuleshevski - Tottenham Hotspur (47.07 kilometers)Deyan Kuleshevski, the industrious midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur, leads the list with an astonishing distance of 47.07 kilometers covered in a single match. His tireless running and ability to cover ground make him an invaluable asset for his team.These top 10 Premier League players have showcased their exceptional stamina and work rate on the pitch. Their ability to cover significant distances in a single match highlights their dedication and commitment to their respective teams' success.